I love apps! So much information and access to unknowns literally at your fingertips. Aside from social media apps, my most used apps are definitely news and literature. I love to read.  I look forward to the day when I'll have all the time in the world to read --yes, I believe in fairy tales-- in my spacious and well decorated home library. Until that day comes, I'll take advantage of technology for allowing me to read wherever I am. And it is with pleasure that I share my favorite 5 apps to use in the in-between moments. Bonus: They're all FREE. 

The Paris Review
  • Similar to the website, the app includes The Daily section filled with culture, art, and of course literature.  You don't have to be a subscriber to enjoy the content and it's a perfect way to get your daily dose of art and culture. 
The Talks
  • A compilation of interviews with artist, actors, athletes, and other cultural figures. The interviews aren't usually long and an easy read while waiting in line. It a great way to learn about someone in a field you may have never considered before. The same interviews can also be found on thier site. 
On Being
  • Although I'm subscribed to the podcast, I prefer listening to these conversations with varying figures through the app. Krista Tippett, the host, has a dialogue with a guest about their field and what is means to live and to create, hence the title. I always get something from these conversations/interviews. 
  • The New York Times Now app is really the only news app you need, especially if you're on social media. It's succinct and to the point. You can get a morning and evening brief to keep you updated with what's going on in the world. Plus, there's a mini-crossword puzzle.  
  • Best app on a commute or for your morning news. Also a great way to stay aware of local news, if you have a local NPR station. 

Honorary Mentions:

  • Covers broader categories than what you'll find in the NYT Now. 
  • Best way to get the news you care about. Subscribe to list and create your own boards to save articles you want to read later. I love to use this app to save photos that I like from Tumblr. 
  • Think Goodreads curated by your favorite authors. Authors/writes suggest a list of books around an idea/topic/theme. It's pretty to cool and a great way to discover a book or an author. 

I hope you enjoyed this list. Please share any other news or literary apps you enjoy I'm always on discovery mode. 

Happy Reading,