1. Have Faith 
                Stand firm and you will win life.  
    • Faith is having trust in your actions without guarantee of a desired outcome. Life doesn't give us the option of knowing where are actions will lead, and that's why we need to trust that we are taking the best course. You'll never know for sure, but never allow that to stop you from pursuing your biggest dreams. 
  2. Create Systems
    • I love systems! I automate almost everything in my life. EVERYTHING! It's the best way to be productive when you have a lot happening on a daily basis. Creating a functional system can take time, but it's well worth the investments because it will yield a return far greater than you can expect. Creating a system is about setting routines/habits that make your life easier.  A morning routine is something we're all familiar with, well expand that idea to other areas of your personal and professional life. Along with having routines for the morningevening, and night, I also have systems in place to respond to emails, text messages, meetings, blogging, journaling, and a basket of other task. Have your priorities in order, schedule the time and get to work. 
  3. Manage Your Time
    •  Time management is the root of productivity. How you manage your time will be directly proportional to the work you get done. It's not easy, but it has to get done. My preferred method is to write everything in my planner and select ONE thing for the day that's THE most important. Focus on that one thing, maybe take a half-hour break to do other things (have a timer!), but give your effort to that one thing without fail. At the end of the day if you only get that one thing done you'll feel accomplished. 
  4. Set Boundaries
    •  No one lives in a vacuum, we have relationships to maintain, family, clients, bosses, life. Setting boundaries also aligns with having a system and managing your time. Beyond scheduling time for the varying areas of your life, you'll need to establish boundaries with those individuals. That will mean different things for different people, but the general idea is to be clear about expectations. Letting close family and friends in on what your schedule looks like, being upfront with clients about expectations and deadlines, and most importantly never forget who and what are most important in your life. Prioritize those. 
  5. Practice Discipline 
    •  I shared a recent post about discipline and can't stress this enough. You can create a "perfect" system, set boundaries, and create a "perfect" schedule, but all that will be meaningless if you don't follow-through. That's what discipline is, the follow-through with what you set out to do. 
  6. Get Up Early
    •  Another recent post, start your day right, on your terms. There's nothing like a slow start to the day to set a tone and pace of patience and peace. This will follow you throughout the day and give you the positive vibes to keep pushing. 
  7. Trust Your Intuition 
    •  There's only one you and you know what's best for you. Trust that. I love my family and friends, but there are some things that they can't me with and I have to have faith and trust that my promises will be fulfill. Get in tone with who you are. Start by taking 5 mins a week to just be, nothing more. No distraction, no screen, close your eyes and visualize the person you were created to be. Go be her. 

There's no easy way to your dream life, but if you put in the time and work harder everyday you'll become the woman you were meant to be.  What are some things you're doing to be a goal-getter? 

With love,