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Weekly Notes No. 18

As am writing this I'm tucked away in my little office sipping on tea with a vanilla + fig candle burning in the backdrop. A storm is raging outside, literally. I can't help but smile at how that image is a pretty good representation of my life at the moment. With quite a bit of change and uncertainty happening on the outside I must admit that I am feeling fairly uncomfortable. Despite all the shifts my inner soul feels like it's comfortably nestling on a chair with a good book. And it is that which I feel most grateful for this week. To be in a storm, yet resolute in spirit. That's grace. And it is sufficient for me, for His power is made perfect in my weakness. 


What I'm Loving:
  • Kayaking for the first time! 
  • My new candles.
  • Spending the early morning in the park.
  • Attending church with one of my best friends. 
  • Getting this face powder that I've had on my wishlist forever. 
Book Recommendation:
  • The French Beauty Solution 
    • Written by Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie. This books shares time-tested life and beauty secrets to live a more fulfilling and beautiful life.  I'm finishing this one up this weekend and looking forward to reviewing it on the blog. 
Weekend Reading:
Weekend Plans:
  • Children's Museum with the "kids"
  • Beach, beach, beach
  • Working on my vision board
  • Reading and resting

I hope you take advantage of the last few weekends of the summer. I know I will. My favorite season is next and I'm just oh so happy. 

Until Monday, 



  1. These are seriously my favorite posts! I feel like I'm getting a bag of treats.

    1. I'm so HAPPY to read that. I'll keep posting.