I've been on a small unplanned hiatus due to life's demands. As the newsletter subscribers know I celebrated my birthday, my brother's wedding, and a few smaller milestones since the last post. During that time I was not successful at managing and balancing my other demands. It's definitely disappointing to fall behind, but I understand it's part of the life process. What matters most is getting back on track and making the most of the present moment. So how can we do that? 

  • This was the most important on my trek back to productivity. Examine your current planning/work system and environment to see if any adjustments can be or should be made. Chances are there's something that isn't working anymore. For me it was my planning system which served me well for the year, but was no longer useful. Also, I found working away from home on more difficult tasks forced me to get those tasks done. 
  • If you're balancing a lot of varying duties it's vital to have a system that streamlines everything into a manageable and feasible process. As I've mentioned before, I keep separate planners/notebook for the different areas of my life, but I have one master-planner that oversees it all. This way I don't worry or forget to give attention to an area. It's good to keep those areas separate, but under a single umbrella.  
Be Intentional
  • Losing our way, getting off track, dropping the ball, however you want to think about it is a natural part of life. When we seek to get back to the way we want things to be it's important that we are intentional with our actions. Maybe you were overworked and now a crash is taking over, or had a big event that you're still reeling from, whatever the situation know that you can return to a state of productivity and focus. It will require effort, but the universe will configure around your best effort. So be bold and get back on the horse. 

What are some other strategies you use to help you get back going? I'd love to know, share in the comments below.