It always seems impossible until it's done. --Mandela 

Life presents us with so many options. We truly live in a time like no other where almost everyone has a real chance of living a life of their choosing. But with so many options we can easily lose sight of what it is that we truly want from our life. We're bombarded so much information about what an ideal life should look like, especially through social media. If we're not careful we could end up living a life not of our choosing or design, but one subtlety forced on us. There's nothing wrong with exposing yourself to possibilities and new ideas, however, any decision we make concerning our life should be done intentionally. Is it possible to live a life of your choosing and design? Yes, it takes time and experience, but there is no truer or better way to live. 

Make time for the things that feed your soul.
  • Getting to know yourself is the greatest gift and expression of self-love there is. When we are in tune with who we are we make decisions that are in our best interest. We do and say things that are a true reflection of who we are. 
Seek experiences.
  • Live for the moments that when reflected upon will make you smile and express inner joy. Those moments don't have to be by design or something big, they are usually unplanned and happen when we live presently in our life. 
Always question your intentions.
  • It's easy to get caught-up in a trend or doing something for show or for social media. That is no way to live. Be honest with yourself and pursue life to please you first, not others. 
Create routines that you enjoy.
  • Set up rituals and habits that will propel you closer to the life you want. Find what works for you and what you truly want to do. And go do that. 
Treat your body well. 
  • Eat well, sleep well, and move often. Your body is a sacred temple and should be treated as such. We only get one so let's treat it with love.  
  • I love the quote "A flower doesn't think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms." Life is not a competition and the moment you start thinking of it as such you've lost. Life is a beautiful and unique journey and there's a place for each of us in it. Find yours and make it beautiful. 

With Love,