“David said to Saul, “Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him.”” 
‭‭1 Samuel 17:32 NIV‬‬ 

I’m the only girl of eight children. My mom kept on trying until she got me and tried twice more. I’ve always spent time on my own because of our varying interest. Now as an adult I think back on my childhood and what I most liked to do and I see so many parallels to how I enjoy spending my time in the present.  I’ve been studying 1st Samuel this month and one of the major lessons I’m learning is about preparedness. David was about 10 when he is anointed king of Israel. TEN! He wouldn’t become king for some time, but he consciously began a journey of being prepared for his calling.  

“The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.” Saul said to David, “Go, and the Lord be with you.”” 
‭‭1 Samuel 17:37 NIV‬‬ 

Before we encounter David he was living a simple life. When the prophet Samuel came to anoint him, his own father didn’t bother to bring him out because he didn’t think there was anything remarkable about David. Yet, God was working privately, exclusively, with David. Many of us today are in a period of exclusive private lessons with God. We’re all awaiting our moment in the Valley of Elah, but what’s more important than that moment is the journey before.  

Last week I spoke about being placed in isolation to prepare us for what God has to come. Today David’s life shows us why this is critical. On a day like all the others day David is running errands from the war camp and at home where he tended to the sheeps. On an ordinary day David arrives at the camp to bring food for his brothers. When he gets there his brothers are already at the battle lines in the Valley of Elah. Now, common sense tells me that I should leave the food, maybe a message, and go back to my simple little life tending the sheep. But God does something in this moment, it almost goes unnoticed when reading the scripture. God directs David to the battle lines to check on his brothers, while he’s there the Philistine, Goliath, is standing behind enemy lines mocking God and the Israelite army. David is SHOOK. SHOOK!!!  

This is one if those pause frame moments in a film. Like, imagine David’s face in this moment! Goliath has been ranting everyday! The soldiers are almost accustom to his “usual defiance”. This is David’s first time hearing these insults against God. He’s so shock he had to ask around multiple times to check that he heard what Goliath said. And the soldiers notice that David, unlike many of them, is completely unafraid. David is about ready to run at Goliath! David is then brought to King Saul and David, most likely one of the youngest in the camp, stands in front of the king and boldly states:

“Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him.” 

Many of us today are somewhere in the pasture tending to our flock. Some of us are running errands between a war camp and our home. Few of us are facing that fateful moment in the Valley of Elah. Sis, there’s going to be a day like the one David had, an ordinary day, when God aligns our steps with His destiny. Most of us won’t see it coming, many of us won’t realize it until later, but the day will come. Today you may look around and ask God what’s going on. Life seems to hit a plateau. Nothing interesting is happening or maybe you’re in the midst of a battle like David was. Wherever you are today, don’t lose hope. Don't give up! God is getting you ready for the valley.  He's got something so good and amazing for you. 

We often think that the biggest moments in life are at the top of the mountain. Today we see that our salvation was won in that valley. Where you are now is not where you will be. Even if you’re content with your life, God’s got big plans and this period of growth and development is where you learn to fight the lions and bears. No one may be watching, you might think it’s pointless. Like the modern saying goes, 'if no one saw it, it didn’t happen'. God saw you, God ordained that to happen. Sis,  be patient and cherish the lessons you’re learning today before the Valley of Elah. The day will come when God will put you to the test and I pray you are ready.  

Yours Always and Faithfully,  


I dedicated this post to my little friend, Papi, in the picture. Papi passed it away recently and I only got to know him so briefly, but he bought so much joy and love into my life. I'm so grateful for him and thankful to have known him. Rest with Christ, Papi, I love you.