Hello Lovelies, 

I’ve always wanted to do one of these favorite post. Most are posted on YouTube, since I don’t have one, yet 👀, I’ve dedicated today’s post to some of my favorite moments and things from this month. Take a look and share some of yours.  

Favorite Moment: 

Easily the 1st. A day of reflection in perfect weather. No work. And spent my afternoon on the paddle board with Papi, my favorite memory of him, the sun setting, family, and music playing. I’d easily signup to do that everyday!  


I read two books this month which I’m incredible proud of. Yay me! One was blah the other was wonderful and I cried like a baby!  I finally got around to reading Wonder and can’t recommend it enough! It’s so well written and impactful. And it’s less than 100 pages. I’ll probably reference it a few dozen more times, it was that good.  


  1. My Chatbooks! I shared my excitement on my Instastories and I’m sharing it again! I love these little photo albums. I’ve ordered three to date, two this year! As someone who takes a lot of picture I’m so happy to have my favorites all together in a cute little package.    

  1. Flowers! I made it a point to pick up a small bouquet each week to brighten my room and desk. 💐 

  2. Dolphins! Living in Miami  I get more opportunities than most to spot these beauties, but it’s still fairly uncommon. So I was so filled with joy when I spotted them several times this month. Just perfect. 🐬 

Favorite Scripture and Song: 

Here’s to being grateful for this wonderful start to a great year and praying for an even more beautiful and adventurous February.  

Yours Always and Faithfully,