It’s cold y’all. Everywhere. I’m a sunshine girl, but I usually don’t mind the occasional cozy day in to read, sip tea, and just be. But I was under the impression that this happened a couple weeks ago and the weather, at least in Miami, was onto spring. Especially after Saturday was warm enough for a beach day. But, we’ve not exited winter just yet. At least now I have more time to order swimsuits. But also to contemplate how things certain hurdles we’ve crossed can reappear later in life. It’s like you’ve won the battle, the lesson is learned, and you’ve moved on. No looking back. Then BAM, it’s like you’re right back. Like, what happened, Lord? If you’re feeling like that today I want to tell you that you can win again, and again. Sometimes it’s not that we didn’t get the message the first time, but that we need a review, a refresher for what’s ahead. So, take a deep breathe in, let it out, and go at it. Read on for more.  


Pray continually. That’s the message that kept coming back to be over and over this week. Pray continually and consistently. Over everything and everyone. There’s not a situation that we shouldn’t give over to God. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been praying for the same thing for YEARS and there are things I have been praying over for years. So it’s easy to think well, God’s clearly heard that message so…. And He has. He’s heard you, but until He responds, we gotta keep on pressing Him with fervent cries. And trust me, you’re not alone. 


There’s an ugly flu going around and this week I was feverish, thankfully no flu. The weather has really made it a week to be indoors. So I’ve made progress with several of the books I’m reading, listened to lots of podcast, and read a chunk of my Bible study devotion. I’ve really been maximizing and winning this week, despite being on practical bed rest almost all week.  I listen to a lot of Super Soul Sunday and especially loved the episode with Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson. I just picked up their book and can’t wait to read it.  


So on the last Weekly Review I mentioned that I was planning to go to yoga, I had it scheduled and all. But I didn’t make it y’all. And it wasn’t even because of the weather. But I did go for a long beach walk. And next week I’ll try again for the yoga. If I can’t make that I’m holding myself accountable to do some home practices, at least three. What about you? What are you doing for your physical wellness? I’d love to know.  


I’m so happy and thankful that my nephew came to visit. I hadn’t seen him since the start of July! So it was easily my highlight this week. Can’t wait for him to be back for summer break.  

Lord, thank you for your guidance this week and your transcending peace over my anxious mind. Jesus, I pray that your continued love and faithfulness overflows and manifest in my life in ways I’ve never imagined. God, thank you for this past week and bless the upcoming one with victory and prosperity. In the name of Jesus. Amen.  

Yours Always and Faithfully,