This post seems obligatory on a day like today when we celebrate all it means to be a woman. Beyond just recognizing this new wave of global feminist movement, today is a day for each of us to reflect on our own personal journey of becoming the woman we've always imagined. This ongoing and enduring discovery is one I've always loved and today I share why and some great resources to further each of our own journeys.  

One of the things I love most about myself is that I am a woman. Especially, a black woman. Being the only daughter among eight children means I've spent my entire existence aware of my womanhood and that has been one of the greatest gifts.  My mother has always nurtured and molded me to be mindful and appreciative of what it means to be a woman. She is the most inspiring and astounding woman I've ever encountered. I am all I am because the good Lord blessed me with her. As I reflect on my womanhood her presence is in all facets. She's been truly Godsend in shaping me to be a woman of character and substance.  

I've always embraced all it means to be a woman, although I've only recently began to understand it. On this walk of discovery I'm learning more each day about what that entails. What I know for sure is that being a woman is magical and beautiful. What I love most about being a woman is the essence of women. What does that mean? It's an ever evolving definition prefaced on where I am on my journey. Today it means I love the comfort and liberty of being in my own skin and being unapologetic and sincere about me. I love delving into my emotions and freely examining my person from a perspective of love. I love being my own person. I love my body. I love that I am far from perfect and that's a wonderful. I'm a mosaic of my history, my culture, my inspirations, and Christ. I am wonderfully and fearfully made to live and experience life as no one else has ever had or will.  

None of what I've mentioned is exclusive to women. Treated as inferior for most of recorded history we've played second fiddle to men and this has given us amble opportunity to ponder why. And this naturally reflective tendency has always helped in the fight for equality. We've always had to fight to be seen as equal and this tenacity has helped us in other areas of life. We're more resilient and resourceful. And the time is now. The future is ours. To be a woman today means I'm standing on the shoulders of the pioneers before me. So many have paid a high price for the freedom and independence I have today. And not a day goes by that I'm not thankful and aware. The work continues today. And that's why I celebrate. To remember and to continue.  We're empowering ourselves and others just by choosing to be unapologetic and sincere about our experiences.  The future is ours for the making and I think it'll be wonderful. 


We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere 
Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History  

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