Last summer I treated myself to sweetest little solo trip to New York City. This was my second visit to the city, my first was back in 2015 with my mom. I've been dreaming of going back and sauntering slowly through the streets and discovering sweet nothings on my own. And this trip was blessed from the start and such a beautiful little voyage that I constantly re-watch my SnapChat memories of the moments I recorded. I'm definitely looking forward to more petite adventures away from home, especially now that I have this experience to better prepare me. On this post I'm sharing my preparation process and my 3 day itinerary with all the necessary details. I hope this inspires you for your next trip or to take a little solo trip of your own. Please comment any questions you might have and happy reading and dreaming.


I'm a free-flowing let things happen type of traveler. I definitely think this is the best type of travel planning TBH, but I understand it's not for everyone. My trip was in July from Saturday to Monday. I intentionally wanted Monday because I rather have Monday off of work and wanted to experience a work weekday in NYC as I expected things to be slower (it wasn’t). So my approach to planning this trip was to select general areas or NYC boroughs to visit, pick a couple of destinations within those areas and just be. I didn’t set any expectations except to enjoy myself and be thankful for the opportunity to travel. The first day I planned to visit Brooklyn and visit one stationery shop in the area and stroll in a few parks. My second day was reserved for Central Park as I had scheduled a nice little treat for myself, and the final day was for museums and just anything I felt like doing. I did most of the touristy things during my maiden trip with my mom and would definitely recommend being more touristy if this is your first trip. I know being a “tourist”  has a bad rep, but honestly, just do what you want to do, it's the only way to have a great experience.

Day 1

So, I'm not the most punctual person and booked a 6am flight and no surprise to anyone who knows me arrived late and nearly missed my flight. If not for the grace of God I would've had a bad start to this trip, but amazing grace got me to the express TSA lane and a window seat to watch the sunrise. I didn't book a window seat but would definitely do so anytime I have a sunrise flight. It's insanely amazing to watch the sun wake up the earth from that far up. A beautiful experience followed by a safe arrival early on Saturday morning. I landed at LGA and took an uber to the city which I recommend for solo travel to a fairly unfamiliar area. First thing on my list after checking into and leaving my luggage at my hotel was food. Now, I as a single food loving person I eat out a lot on my own and generally have not problem with it, however, I did intentionally select low keys places since most restaurants in New York can get easily saturated with bodies. I grabbed a smoothie, a treat in a city like NYC, smoothie joints at all corners! Ahh, it was wonderful and expensive. As I didn't want to go right away to Brooklyn I just used the Maps app to look at what was of interest near me and decided on MoMa. So essentially I started my day strolling through the museum admiring the work, especially Van Gogh's The Starry Night. After a couple hours, I took the metro to Brooklyn. I visited the Brooklyn Public Library just because I was passing by on my way to the Botanical Garden. While strolling through the garden I met with this group of girls who mentioned an event going on in Prospect Park across the garden. Let me tell you, I was NOT ready for Curlfest! Luckily, I looked ready, but I could've never fathomed an event so amazing and beautiful! There were thousands of beautiful women celebrating and reveling in all the glory of what it means to love our skin and our natural hair. I felt so blessed to have been there. I absolutely loved every second of the event. After a a couple of hours by just being inspired I took an uber to the stationery shop and learned that Brooklyn is REALLY big! OMG, that uber ride was so long, but I had a good ride partner who educated me on some New York things and we had a great conversation about gentrification. I got to my destination and couldn't find the shop, but was too hungry to care so I sat at this super chic open air French café and had some tea and small bites. I ended the day pursuing the area, going to a bookstore and some boutiques. It was a more dreamy start than I could've imagined.

Day 2

I slept in just a little bit, I was so tired from the ridiculous amount of walking I did the day before. It was Sunday and the weather was sunny and picturesque. Which was a good things since I booked a photographer to take photos of me in Central Park and throughout parts of Manhattan. I used the app TaskRabbit to find an amateur photographer that I'd feel comfortable and one that would be affordable. We started at The Lake next to the Loeb Boathouse. I rented a row boat, which I knew ahead of time I wanted to do, but I forgot until that moment that I don’t know how to row! So mini panic started to come on, but luckily my photographer knew how to row, she was a life saver. So into the boat we went and I don't have the words for how wonderful of an experience it was. It's definitely something I'd love to do again. We're looking lovely, taking beautiful chic pictures, and even getting help from standbys. Then I wanted a picture of just me on the boat, really cute right. So a very nice gentleman helped us maneuver our boat to the curb, my photographer got out and then I remembered I STILL CAN'T ROW. I managed to do something to get me out in the middle of the water, but I definitely would NOT call it rowing.  I'm ready to get back to the curb and get the photographer back in the boat to properly row, but I could not move. I literally just kept going in a circle. So here I am in the middle of New York stuck in a row boat, it seems silly now to have panic, but I did. For a few seconds I had visions of being stranded forever and the fire department having to come out and rescue me, y'all. Seconds. Of course, none of that happened and I managed and surprise myself all while taking the loveliest pictures. It all worked out so well and "gracefully" and I learned a very important lesson which has been very helpful as of late. The rest of the day was more pictures, a visit to the Whitney museum, lunch at by Chole, meandering through Washington Park, more parks and strolls, shopping, and more eating. I walked from Chelsea to my hotel in Midtown East. I would not really recommend that, but it was a great way to take in the city.

Day 3

My last day on this chic little trip and I felt satiated. I felt complete and was excited to revisit Museum Mile and leisurely stroll through Central Park before boarding my plane. As it was Monday I was in no rush to leave the hotel and impede commuters going to work. This was ideal as I spent the morning packing and journaling to capture all I'd experience. Eventually I checkout out and went to visit the Wing, a members only club for women. I was super excited and couldn't wait to bask in the beauty of that wonderful work/bonding space for women. I wore my pink embroidered laced dress, my floral Keds, and my straw hat, on a Monday in New York City. Yes, I stood out and realized New Yorkers wear a lot of black. I got to my destination only to be told that they don't allow visitors, I was so disappointed, but was able to swiftly look around while waiting on the elevator and it was a place after my own heart. Back uptown I first stopped at the Guggenheim. I obviously love perusing museums and have a preference for traditional to modern pieces which I was happy to see in the Guggenheim instead of all the contemporary works at the Whitney, which just wasn't for me. Next was the MET and I told myself that I'd only visit a couple of exhibits instead of trying to see it all again. That didn't really happen. However, I did mostly stay in the Impressionist wing and had the most beautiful lunch in a French café inside the museum with a Central Park view.  The best part of the day had to be learning about the rooftop view of NYC. It was the perfect ending to my adventures. I was ready to head to the airport only to get notified of a flight delay which turned into a cancelled flight and eventually I left the city about 4 hours after I was initially suppose to. I filled that time by exploring other parts of Central Park and of course, eating.

It was one of those experiences I hope to remember forever. I am incredibly proud of myself for going on this journey and being bold to step out my comfort zone to have this amazing experience. Here are my five main takeaways:

   1. Don’t skimp on your hotel. You’ll be happy to come back to a place of beauty and comfort.
   2. Aim for one thing a day and let life take its course.
   3. Wear comfortable shoes. I walked a lot because I love to and my shoes were mad comfortable.
   4. Talk to strangers. I had great conversations everywhere. You may learn something that may inspire or change your trip.
   5. Stay open. Allow your trip to be what it will be.