There's something so renewing about the new year. This time around, we get a new year, a new month, and a new decade. With so much newness around it's easy to get caught up with striving to be a new version of ourselves as well. But I've found that's too much pressure.  

The past year has taught me an invaluable lesson of abiding in the present, to let the moment be, to allow who I am becoming just be. So many of my favorite moments last year happened when I released all expectations. I want to step back and see what God has planned for me and not what I plan for myself. This is a year to relish, to take great joy and pleasure in, it's 2020! I intend to start slow and move with contentment and not expectation. My word for the year is 'consistent'. I want to consistently invest in the people and things that usher peace in my world. And to consistently show up in the little things.  In today's post I'm sharing some of those things. I hope this inspires you to do the same. Happy New Year, love.  

Set dental appt 
Write a letter to my future-self-FutureMe

Bible Book: 
1 Kings 


Write a letter to someone I love/appreciate  

A mini balcony garden - inspired by the StoryTeller App

Jesus, Heavenly Father, thank you for this new year. Father, I pray that you calm any pressure we may feel to exceed expectations this year. Help us to walk in the purpose you created us for.  I pray that each person that reads this receives your transcending peace. May your will always be done in our life. Amen.