In the past month, I've heard this message preached about 5 different times. I prayed, as it was clear that God is sending me a message. I wasn't clear on what it was, to be honest, I didn’t see how this message was for me. Clearly I love the Lord and I'm desperate for Him. So why would He be sending this message over and over to me? Am I the bleeding woman? No, not me. Right?  

The story comes from Luke 8:43-48 and is told within another story. Jesus is going about preaching from town to town. He's returned to Galilee, where he was about a day ago. There He performed many miracles and spoke of parables to the people. Word had got around of what was happening. And in this populous place, there was a woman. She had heard the news. She saw the possibility of her greatest dreams and visions coming to pass.  

For 12 years she had suffered. She was bleeding with no hope. She tried everything. She was shamed. Made to feel less than, forgotten, lost. But then Jesus came.  

Between her and her answered prayers stood a massive crowd. Barriers. Hurdles.  In the mass, this woman stood firm on the faith she professed. It couldn't have been easy. She sees the crowded marketplace, feels overwhelmed, uncertain. Everyone is there in the pursuit of the same thing, Jesus. Now, here she is, this close to Him. She resolved to release fear and seize faith.  

"She came up behind him and touched the fringe of his garment"  

"Who was it that touched me?" 

"Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace."  

I am this bleeding woman. We're all this bleeding woman. There's a hope, dream, vision that you've been carrying with you for some time. You believe it can come to pass, but nothing has happen. So you've gone about life, doing the best you can. But it's still there. For me it's a thriving business. Each year, I think, this will be the year I put in the work, the year I show up consistently focused. It's been over a decade now and here I am. In a crowded marketplace feeling overwhelmed, scared, and uncertain. We're all in the pursuit of the same thing, a better life. Now, here I am, another year. Will I resolve to release fear and seize faith?  Will you resolve to release fear and seize faith?  

"All I want is to live within Your love. Throw my fears into the wind. I am desperate for a touch of heaven"