January 2020 Reflections

January 29, 2020

As I write this post there's a reported earthquake near Cuba and Jamica that has been felt less than 5 miles from my home in Miami. Simply put, this month has been quite a rough start to the new year and new decade. Like many, I'm still reeling from the tragic helicopter accident that took the lives of 9 people. It will be jarring for quite some time that Kobe Bryant is no longer with us. I grew up watching basketball with my dad and brothers, a pastime I cherish to the core; what hurts the most is the potential and drive of everyone in that helicopter. Gone, just like that. A reminder of our mortality and the fragility of life.  As I reflect over January, I'm somber, yet immensely hopeful. It's far too easy to let the seemingly unsurmountable and uncontrollable activities of life impede our progress, I know this too well; however, this year I vow to myself to try something new. To be consistent and hopeful regardless of what I see. So here's a review of my month, I did my best and for that I am content.  

Set dental appt – I set the appointment, but had to reschedule. I'm okay with that; I had an opportunity to take an afternoon to rest and relax with my mom or go to the dental appointment. That's not a hard choice to make; rearranging priorities is a must for a fulfilling life.  

Write a letter to my future-self-FutureMeAbsolutely did this for which I am proud. If you haven't I strongly recommend you do. I believe I also wrote additional letters for a year and 10 years.  
Bible Book: 
1 Kings- I have 2 chapters to go and I am very confident it'll be done by Friday. More, I've invested the time to reading the Bible, studying what I've read, and reflecting using a devotional 
Dear Haiti- I read it!!! It's the first book I've read to completion since October. I did have to really push myself to read this. YA is not my genre of choice, however, I was excited to read this given that it was written by two Haitian sisters about Haiti. Overall, I give this book 3 of 5 rating. It was very ambitious and I felt the plot was haphazard and character development sparse. The book could've been a series to break up the plot and give characters more time to develop. All in all, I think it was a fine debut novel and can't wait to read what the sisters write next.  
Write a letter to someone I love/appreciate - I have not done this! There's still time, but maybe February.  
A mini balcony garden- I got the plants, but I still need to make time to clean out my balcony and get some new furniture pieces.  

I did my best this month, there were moments I look back and think I could've tried harder. I won't get those moments back, but I have tomorrow to look forward to, God willing. I pray you did your best this month, no matter how it went, we can hopefully try again tomorrow. See you in February and thank you for reading.  




  1. You’re doing great! One day at a time ����

  2. Thanks love! Hope you had a good January


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