Lately the question of my favorite pastime has been questioned. I've taken to being more observant of how I use my time, both at work and off duty. And I've concluded that, not surprising, I spend way too much time on social media; Twitter especially. If I'm not on social media or with family/friends I am more likely in my journal/planner. Most of the posts on this blog are either related to my journaling and planning or devotions. I wanted to update on how I've been planning lately, as this does change. Today I'm sharing a few of my essential resources for keeping me on track. I hope this inspires your own planning and journaling.  

A blank journal 
For the longest time I used lined journals and about 2 years ago I opted for a blank grid journal. The main reason for the switch was the creative freedom a grid journal offers. I wanted to move away from writing in my journal in the traditional way. I was finding it cumbersome, which is never what I want my journaling to feel like. Then one day I was looking back through an old planner, I kept photos and many mementos in that planner. I had a moment of epiphany; I realized that's what a journal should be. A reflection of my life and journey. Since then I've been intentional about using my journal for everything. As a notebook hoarder, this was both hard, but relieving. Instead of having a planner, a journal, a notebook for x, y, and z. I chose to keep one notebook, my journal. It's been absolutely amazing and gets better every day.   

Crayola SuperTips 
I don't think I've gone more than 2 weeks worth of days in the past 2 years without using my Supertips. I love making my journal as beautifully colorful as possible. This is a book I hope to look back on decades from today and I want that to always reflect me. I know everyone doesn't like a lot of colors, but there are many other options to choose from that don't involve all the colors of the rainbow. Having a set of markers that you love makes the journaling process way more fun and therapeutic.  

Scotch double-sided tape 
This is as important as the SuperTips. I come across so many beautiful things on Instagram/Pinterest that inspire me. Quotes, scriptures, vision board materials are taped all through my journals. This makes my journals more dynamic, inspiring, and something I want to look at and use daily, which is the point. Especially, since I'm also using it as my planner. I've now discovered that Amazon sells a 6 pack set for about $15. This groundbreaking news for me and has made me so happy.  

Walgreens Photos 
Every single week I print at Walgreens using their app (ps. There's usually a coupon discount on their website). I've cut down on how much I print, which I'm proud of. Now, I print a couple inspiring quotes I come across during the week and most importantly, a picture of my favorite moment during the week. Each Saturday or Sunday I set time to reflect on the closing week by writing 3 things I was most grateful for and taping a picture of my favorite moment.  

Creativity and Honesty 
This is best and easiest part of the journaling. Yes, it can feel intimidating at times when I allow thoughts and expectations to take over. I try my best to remember to have fun and express love while remaining honest, always. Honesty and vulnerability are my guiding values when I journal. I don't just want a pretty layout, but a space to express where I am and how am feeling in the present. It's vital to be honest; it's the only way to see your growth and trust in your journey.  

Let me know if you also journal and are planner. I'll soon be make a video to accompany this post so look out for that. Thank you for reading and supporting, it's greatly appreciated.