Hey Love, 

We are closing out February in a few days. This month went at just the right pace for me; and with an extra day it hasn't felt long at all.  I was able to take a little trip to Atlanta, spend an afternoon reading on the beach, made time for evening walks, dates with friends, listen to a few audiobooks, and my favorite, journaling. This month in retrospect has been a leisurely retreat, relatively speaking.   

What I Am Grateful For  

  • My mom had surgery early in the month and has been recovering well. She getting a lot of much needed rest  
  • Making time to do what I love. This should be a no brainer, but of course it's not. It's difficult to make space, and respect that space, for the little things that bring us joy. This month I made an effort and it was worth it. An evening on the beach just sitting in my chair listening to Toni Morrison read to me. That was absolutely blissful.  
  • My job. I really like where I work, but more than that, I love who I work with. I have an amazing group of women around me who have become friends. That's an amazing gift that makes my job that much better.  

What I Read 

Mere Christianity – Well, I'm not quite done with the book, it was definitely drier than I thought it would be; however, I felt it an important book to read regarding the Christian faith. Just about half way through and it's finally getting good; so I'm confident I'll complete it. I'll update on my IG 

What I Listened To 

Gift to the Sea- I've been trying to read this book for years. I decided to give it a listen instead and I understand why I could never really get into it. It's another slow listen with a topic that I thought would be more interesting. Instead I was a bit disappointed, but at least now I have greater trust in my instincts about books I should or shouldn't bother reading. 

Guns Germs and Steel – a book on history that really questions the factors that made it possible for one society to "develop" over another. As an audiobook I was surprised I was able to keep my attention on the author. A solid read.  

The Bluest Eyes- okay, I'm going to keep this very brief. This book has changed my life. There's so much to say and I don't have the words. I plan on reading it some time this year. This was my first time reading/listening to this book and it won't be the last.  

A Knock at Midnight- I listened to one sermon and I think I want to incorporate these audios to my monthly routine. Dr. King's speeches are so packed with amazing wisdom that we all should be exposed to from time to time.  

What I Created  
A Balcony Sanctuary- I cleared up all the junk on my balcony and once again, it's a little outdoor haven to sit, sip, and read. Added a few more plants and I'm absolutely loving it.  


Heavenly Father, thank you for this space to share your goodness in my life. Lord, thank you for February and all the joys it brought. As a new month approaches, I pray that the lessons I learned this month are not forgotten and that I continue to trust you with each new day. In Jesus name. Amen