Hey Love,

Take a deep breath and slowly release it. Another deep breath and slow release. I know, sis, these are uncertain times. Everything seems to be put on hold to an indefinite date; most non-food related stores closing; supplies being hoarded; conspiracies abounding. These moments are definitely for the history books. 2020 is certainly living up to the hype, not quite in the way most hoped. Most of us have found ourselves with time...the most valuable asset in our current world, now in abundance.   
Similar to the laws of supply and demand, we now find ourselves in a surplus of time. When a product is in excess, the demand for it tends to diminish. Many wonder, what should we do with all this time? If you scroll on social media you'll find endless suggestions and list. Everything from, writing that book, cooking that meal, baking bread, deep clean the house, learn that skill...I mean the list goes on. While well meaning, I definitely find these simply add pressure in an already anxious world. I don't know when I'll be called back to work, it could be tomorrow, and like most, I want to make the most of this time, to do something meaningful with it. However, I don't want to place lofty expectations upon myself that leave me feeling unaccomplished if I don't reach them.  

My approach is to simply seek peace. Seeking is an intentional act of faith. No one knows how long this will continue, the ramifications of what we're dealing with, we don't know what's ahead. We simply have this moment. What can we do in this present moment to usher in peace? This is my mode of operation for the indefinite future. To be present. I'm sure you have a slew of things you'd love to do as well, be intentional about them, but don't be beholden to them.  

I'm thinking of you and this world during this coronavirus crisis. As we take each day as it comes I pray that love and faithfulness never leave us. Let's do our part to bring a little calm and serenity to earth.