Hey Love, 

There's still about a week left in the month, but I want to take this moment to reflect on March 2020, a month that will live in infamy...so far. So much could change in so little time. We're all living in this suspension of time...not sure how to move forward...but knowing we must. I'm thinking back to the start of the month, writing about my hopes for March and all the things I wanted to do; fortunately, those haven't change despite the unraveling of the world. This is a time more than ever to pause, maybe completely stop, and take a breath in, say a prayer, and reflect on the state of our world. Without adding stress or worry, just take a moment to observe what's going on around you; in your home, workplace, local community, and beyond. Just observe. Try to maintain an objective outlook and simply take in what's going on without judgement. Not an easy task, but one that I've been deliberately practicing for about a year now. This approach has changed the way I view whatever life throws at me, good and bad. In times like this, it's easy to make broad conclusions about the world, but I'm challenging myself to be still and be. Just be. 

What I Am Grateful For 
My sanctuary 
Thankful for my space that's truly been a haven, my little sanctuary; especially when during this mandated "stay at home" period. I've always invested in my home because it's truly the place for me to rejuvenate. My home has been a place not just for me, but for my family, and having a space that offers comfort for others means the world to me.  

My job 
Last month I shared that I was thankful for a job I love; this month I'm thankful for the same job that's offered me the opportunity to work from home during this pandemic. Before this job, I was unemployed for six months; I'm intimately aware of the stress of unemployment and bills needing to be paid. If you're reading this, I promise, it will not stay that way; this is only for a season.  

My family 
March is a big birthday in our family. We welcomed a new member this month, baby Azariyah, my nephew. One of last family gathering before the virus became a pandemic was a birthday celebration for my mom and 2 year old nieceThese days I'm thankful for FaceTime/WhatsApp for allowing me to see my family in this social-distancing time. I honestly love watching the babies sleep and play.  

What I Read 
Mere Christianity 
So I didn't finish this book in February as I hoped, but nonetheless it's completed. I recommend this book for any Christian who has been on their walk with Christ for sometime and want to explore their faith a little more.  

What I Listened To 
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 
An absolute must read/listen. The book is a bit of a biography of the Lacks family; primarily focus of Henrietta Lack and her daughter Deborah. The author did a fantastic job telling this story; a story I'm happy was told during the lifetime of Henrietta's children. The story follows Henrietta, a Black woman that died of cervical cancer and what happened to her cancerous cells.  

What I Created  
Space for Physical Wellness 
During these quarantine days I've made time for daily meditation, yoga, and walks. As I wrote last week, I don't want to set unreasonable expectations for this COVID-19 period; my focus has been primarily on resting.  

Heavenly Father, thank for March. Lord, I pray you help us use these moments to pause and focus on you. Help us to be still and abide in you during this uncertain period. God, I pray you heal all who are suffering from this virus and protect our first responders, medical teams, and all who have to be out in the front lines. Protect us and help us to take a deep breath in and trust in you. In Jesus name. Amen.