Hey Love, 

A couple weeks ago I shared my quarantine, work from home schedule.  I'm a system-approach type of woman; which means I'm constantly analyzing and evaluating how I can improve my workflow. I'm fortunate in this crisis season to have this option available to me. I'm also aware that this is not the case for everyone. You might be considered an essential worker and have been going to working since this crisis; and there are those who have lost employment. Maybe you fall somewhere on that spectrum. Whatever your work status is in this moment, one thing is certain, there is much uncertainty and anxiety. I'm fairly a calm person in moments of stress, however, as the weeks continue with no definitive end in sight my anxiety mounts. I catch myself daydreaming of all the things I'd rather be doing instead of being at home; and that only makes it worse. So today I'm sharing how I'm cope with this level of uncertainty.  

For all the obvious reasons, but also to get an early start to the day. This is even more important if you're at home with a flexible schedule. The urge to sleep-in can be strong, but get going on your day early and finish early; the feeling of accomplishing important task and getting to enjoy guilty pleasures-guilt free is amazing. 

Cultivate Lovely Thoughts 
I love the imagery of the mind as a garden. What are you cultivating? I love gardens, flowers, and nature. So thinking of my thoughts as the seeds and blooms of my field helps me to focus on the good. The power of a little gratitude goes a long way. Also, minimize exposure to stressors such as the news or certain individuals.  

Express Creativity 
This can be anything you desire. A simple arts and craft, cooking, dancing, or whatever brings color and joy to your soul.  

Set Boundaries 
Part of any successful schedule is consistency and boundaries. Boundaries in our day to day routine is essential. For me that's focusing on my work during the day and only allowing "free" time after 3pm.  Set time, doesn't have to be specific, to savor the little things. 

Remember that This Too Shall Pass 
This is an uncertain and disquieting season for almost all of us. But it's just that, a season. How long it will last, I don't know; what matters is that whatever you're feeling, don't let it be you end all be all. Try to keep an objective perspective while still being present. I often think of this as an ethnographic perspective- where I'm in the situation, but not of it. Be mindful of how you're feeling and dealing, maybe record a video or write it down. Then let it go, good or bad.  

I hope these reminders have helped you or inspired you to think of your own means of ushering in peace. Stay Safe and keep going, we're in this together. I'll see you here again for Sunday's post.