Hey Girl,

I haven't written a beauty post in sometime and now felt like a great time. Being at home for the past month has made it a great time to experiment and get better with certain skills. One of the things I've been practicing is my manicure, still a long ways to go, but I'm determine. I used to be better at doing my nails, but now I have to start anew. Getting a manicure and pedicure, even just once a month, is costly. I've now decided to invest in some simple tools and watch some YouTube videos to improve my skills by the end of this quarantine. Along with my mani and pedi, I'm also making time to treat my skin. Today I'm sharing some of my beauty favorites.

Nail Care Tools

Nail Filer
Polish Remover
Top Coat - Ella and Mila
Base Coat - Ella and Mila
Polish- Sally Hansen
Nail Drill- Clio Nail (available at Target)

I used to have a huge collection of polishes, but I haven't done my nails on my own in over a year. Now I have to rebuild my collection, definitely not as large, a small collection of 6-10 polishes is my goal. Leave a comment with your favorite brands. I'll share my progress on my IG Story.

TIP: Go SLOW and LIGHT when polishing to get a cleaner finish

Facial Care

Acure Face Cleanser
Milani Rose Facial Oil
By Nature Clay Mask
Clean Beauty Facial Oil

I do a clay mask weekly and my skin is always thankful. Aside from topical treatments, I want to make dietary changes. One of the journey's I'll be posting about is managing my hormones. At my age, 29, I still get breakouts and I completely ready to get it under control; it's lone overdue. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you make a little time to treat yourself.