Hey Love,

We've got about a week left in the month. How's August been for you? Is there anything you'd like to complete in the next few days? I hope you can look back on this month with a sense of progress. Last week a friend reminded me that it's so important to look back at what we've done, as oppose to what we didn't get to do. I needed that perspective shift, because I often look at what I haven't done on daily to-do list rather than what I've managed to do. I've been testing it out this week and it's crazy how such a simple change has elevated my mood. It's wild and I want to see how this transpire over time. Today I want to share what I've done this August, the month of new beginnings.

Got a New Salary
Sis, when I tell you I was petrified to ask for the salary I wanted! I was on the phone with the HR rep and my heart was beating. In that pause, I thought of my 2020 goal to raise my salary, I thought of my friends rooting for me, I thought of all the women who inspire me, and most of all I thought of me, of the woman I am. I asked for what I wanted. I got a new job and a bigger salary. I'm just so proud of me. I'll do a more detail post about this soon.

Started a new skin care routine
I haven't had good skin since I was probably 11 years old. My period came around then and so did acne, hyperpigmentation, and scars. I've tried many things, many times; and I've lost A LOT of hope along the way. However, I've been praying about my skin, something I've never done consistently and faithfully. Thankfully, skincare is at its best and I more hopeful about progress and real change. I'll definitely be sharing more on this.

Voted for the First Time
I nearly cried thinking of the journey to get to this country and become a citizen. It took two decades and this year, this month I finally got to cast my ballot! I voted in my local election, which honestly, I think outweighs the national elections. I put the little "I Voted" sticker in my journal to commemorate this moment. And I have plans to share more about how I'm better preparing for the next election.

Ran 1 mile non-stop
So my running goal this month is half-a-mile; I've been enjoying going to the beach in the mornings; there's something about running early in the morning, my energy is all the way there. This particular morning, I was up early, had breakfast, my smoothie, and enjoyed my morning rituals. I got to the beach and was off right away. Normally I walk for about a quarter of a mile before running. Not that day. And as I got closer to my goal I was still feeling real good and decided to do another quarter of a mile, why not. Got to three-quarters of a mile, Nicki Minaj blasting in my ear, and I'm like well, I should just go for the mile. I was sweating like a wet rag at the end, but I'm so proud of that moment. I hope that becomes a new norm for me.

Got a Therapist
I'm so excited about this one. I've always wanted a therapist; honestly, I just wanted to go to a cute office and talk about me, myself, and I. Don't judge me. I haven’t quite gotten that, yet; but I did sign-up for online therapy and it feels so good to have done that. I just did it a few days ago, so I haven't had an official session yet; but I love the idea of checking in on my mental wellness. I have routines for my physical and spiritual, so adding this only made sense.

So here's to August. Thank you for being a month of new beginnings. There's a lot that didn't get done, but so much joyful and wonderful things did. For that I'm grateful and excited of what's to come.