Hey Love, 

Welcome to this new month. We're just two days in, but I hope you've thought of some lovely things you'd like to do this month. If you haven't, take a moment to dream of something you're looking forward to in September. It could be a walk with a friend or taking a much need (and safe) little trip. Whatever it is, nurture it and do it. Just the act of having something to look forward to brings immense joy and peace; something we all need in daily abundance. I don't know what September holds, but I'm choosing to be hopeful and excited. Each of the past 6 months during this pandemic, truly all of 2020, has had so much national and global heart and head-aches. However, when we take a moment to breathe and pause, there's always something beautiful, maybe miraculous, in the mess. Somedays the miracle is simply that you and I have another day to breathe. That is a gift we're blessed with. Today I want to share my manifesto for this month and a few things I'm looking forward to.  


Biking on the beach 

Did you get a bike during the quarantine? I feel like so many people did; especially during the two months when life was relatively calm. My friend got one and reminded me of the joys of biking; and although I didn't get a bike I rented one on the beach. And yes, it was as magically and refreshing as you're imagining. Such a simple thing and so rejuvenating and peaceful. I only did it once last month so this month I'd like to try for once a week.  

Being present in my new job 

So you may recall a few post back I mentioned my unemployment and this past Monday I started a new job! It feels so good to be employed in a field I truly enjoy. I will miss my mid-day naps and the abundance of free time to do as I please. I'll truly miss that, but I'm happy to be in my career and earning more. The first month of most new jobs is just being present and learning. I'm with the same company, but a different department, so there's going to be some learning curves, but not as much as when I first arrived.  

Doing big and scary things 

So there's a dream (more at a later post) I've been praying to come to fruition and last month I saw a few buds sprouting. It's a big and scary dream and I'm so excited, but absolutely nervous at the same time. In honesty, I hoped this dream would've bloomed a couple months ago, but God's timing is the best timing. So I'll keep going where He leads.  

Reading on the shore with the setting sun  

One of the things I loved most in August was taking my beach chair and sitting right on the shoreline with the ocean waves at my feet and a book in my hand. I got to do this a few times during the month and I want to make it a priority this month, especially now with a job that requires me to be in the office all week.  

So here's to September, may it be gentle and healing. May we all find a bit of love, joy, and peace.