Hey Love, 


Are you still semi-quarantine? I know that I have been making greater efforts to stay indoors despite that not being "required" anymore. Truthfully, I've been enjoying staying-in and being cozy. I should note that I'm more of an outdoors person so this development is pretty new for me. Naturally it was challenging for me at the beginning, but as for many of us, I've learned many new things about myself this year. I've also spent that time watching some enjoyable and enlightening shows. I'm not a big TV/movie person. Typically I watch whatever family/friends are watching. Since staying-in more, I've seen some amazing shows and I'm sharing 10 of my favs today.  


Blood and Water 


This show needs more hype/attention. Set in South Africa, the show follows Puleng, a high-schooler, who is trying to find answers about her sister who was abducted at birth 17 years ago. The cast is beautiful, the plot is rich, and I need to find out how I can be an extra. I seriously loved this show. Available on Netflix.  




This is all I've ever wanted from Netflix. Honestly. It just feels so good to have access, without commercials, to a show that's formed the woman I aspired to be when I was younger. Like many fans, I started watching around in high school, a very impressionable age. Now I get to  re-watch at the age the characters. Quite a different view. Available on Netflix.  




I saw Mary J Blige and I clicked. That was it. Y'all Mary can ACT! The whole time watching this movie I kept thinking she's deserves an award for her performance. She did earn an Oscar nomination. The movie was surprisingly good; I didn't know the plot before watching. It definitely did not get acclaimed is should've though. The film takes place around 1939 in Jim Crow south as Florence Jackson (Mary J) and her family navigate life as sharecroppers and the return of her son from the war. Available on Netflix.  


Seriously Single 


Another amazing show set in South Africa, this time a movie. South Africa got some great gems.  This is a light comedy that follows Dineo as she tries embracing singlehood following a long relationship. Available on Netflix  


Knock Down the House 


The only documentary on this list; I should watch more (leave your recommendations in the comments). This follows Cori Bush, Amy Vilela, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Paula Jean Swearengin, 4 woman Democratic candidates attempting to win their first elections as progressive Democrats. I enjoyed this because it reminded me the importance of persistence and effort. These ladies, Cori and AOC in particular, all started somewhere. Available on Netflix.  


Rising Phoenix  


Oh, this is a documentary too. It was just so well crafted, I kinda viewed it as a film. A show I probably would not have seen if not for a recommendation. It follows Paralympic athletes and their journey to the Olympics and before. It also details the history of the Paralympics, something I simply had not thought about. I learned a lot about something I knew nothing about.  Available on Netflix. 




I was definitely late to this party. I will always remember watching the movie back in 2009 because I sat in the front row at a midnight showing staring at a naked blue man. I couldn't tell you the plot then, and I'm still struggling to explain it now. But this time it's because the plot weaves around racial injustices and complex. I believe the comic has always confronted difficult social issues. Regina King was of course impressive and earned all her flowers. Available on HBO 



Honorable Mentions 


I'm on time for these parties, as these shows are still releasing new episodes. Both TV shows tackle challenging issues and the movie is a "light" horror film featuring the wonderful, Lupita.  



I May Destroy You- TV Show HBO 

Lovecraft Country - TV Show HBO 

Little Monsters - Movie Hulu 


Let me know if you've watched any of these and any recommendations you have.