Hey Love, 



Today's post is something I've been wanting to write for some time. A book review; sort of. It was through a conversation with a friend that I was reminded that I have a platform and a voice. Sometimes we truly forget what's right in front of us. I can't think of a better book to talk about than one I recently read via audiobook. This book has truly shifted how I view the racial and social issues that plague America, our country. Today's post is not so much a book review, but more so my thoughts while reading the book. Caste, written by journalist Isabel Wilkerson,  was released earlier this year; the book describes the implicit American caste system and how it's evolved since its inception in 1619.  


Before reading Caste, I had never considered that we (Americans) operate, that I exist, in a caste system. This was a novel concept to me, but not in literature. So from the start of the book my paradigm begins to shift. I should note that although I've lived in this country for over 2 decades, like many Americans, the history of America is largely unknown to me. One of my greatest takeaway from Caste is the desire to learn more of what I understand so little of.  


The book is divided into seven part that weave together the history of this nation going back to the perceptions the Virgina settlers had when the first slaves arrived to the election of Trump and the COVID-19 pandemic. Wilkerson is a words craftsmen in the way she objectively presents the evidence of our covert caste. She juxtaposes the American caste to India's overt caste. The histories of how each nation established their respective caste is set forth.  More, she brilliantly injects her personal experience in the American caste, as a Black woman.  


What I found most profound about the book was the plethora of evidenced provided. Every chapter left me more and more speechless about this nation's history. Most of us are aware of the atrocities committed against Black people in America; this is not new. However, it is not until names, dates, locations, and exact details are provided that I begin to fully grasp the monster that is American history; that is America today. These are scenes that are often played out in movies and TV shows; but I've never felt a sicken horror watching these scenes as I have reading about them. Something about a movie or TV show makes the horror seem distanced, exaggerated, and far removed from the truth.  


Wilkerson's writing captivated me and helped me understand the current state of America as I have never understood it before. The book answers the questions that many liberals, like myself, asked and have been asking since the 2016 election, truthfully before. The book showed me American history from a perspective I never considered. In so many ways, this country has truly not changed. I believe that this can only happen when the truth of the horrors are known and addressed. A feat I cannot see happening in my lifetime, but one I sincerely hope and believe for.  I strongly recommend you read or listen to Isabel Wilkerson's Caste