Hey Love,  


In the last post I wrote about a wild dream of mines that's blooming and I shared in my manifesto that this month I'm practicing sharing my journey and what I'm hoping for. Both of these are new personal developments for me. Over the summer, I came across the following in Sarah Breathnach's Simple Abundance "expectation is the emotional investment the ego makes in a particular outcome". This really struck me and shifted my paradigm. Often in the past I shy away from thinking or enjoying the wait of something I'm looking forward to. There's this notion that I'll jinx it or that I'm only fooling myself and it won't truly happen like I want it to happen. This has made me hesitant in sharing my hopes and dreams with others. The fear that they won't be realized as I hope and the fear that others won't celebrate or care. These fears have kept me from the joy of hope.  


“Be joyful in hope” 


What exactly is hope? We use the term daily, but I want to set a definition as we go forward. I love this Meriam-Webster definition: to cherish a desire with anticipation. Hope is faithful expectation. As Hebrews 10:13 reminds us, hope is what we hold onto and profess; we cultivate hope by faith in God. We have hope when we believe that He who promised is faithful. I love the song "Promises" by Maverick City Music that really illustrates this. Hope opens us to possibilities while expectations is focus on a specific outcome. Hope is a practice of faith. When we hope we are joyful in our wait. Expectations bred anxiety and fear.  


So how do we live with hope instead of ego-based expectations? 

We are always looking forward to something. Be it the end of the workday or a voyage. How we wait indicates whether we are hopeful or giving into our ego's demand for perfection. I love how Breathnach puts it, "I have consciously chosen to be surprised by joy". Living in hope instead of expectations is a conscious decisions. Being hopeful doesn't mean fear and doubt don't rear their ugly heads; it means you acknowledge fear and doubt and keep going. The ability to keep going is rooted in faith is something greater than your personal expectations.  


I'm in a season where I'm challenge to live in hope instead of being an "expector".  My hope is rooted in the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. My dreams won't manifest exactly as I dream them and I've come to cherish the anticipation of what God is doing in my life. By living in hope I make space for God to move in my life and to rest in the assurance that He who promises is faithful. What He has planned for me is better than I can hope or imagine. This hope is the anchor for my soul, firm and secure.  


Take a moment and think of a couple things you're waiting on; a job, a man, children, or just the next meal. How are you waiting for these things? I hope you're waiting with hopeful glee; this journey of life is infinitely better living with joyful hope.