Hey Love, 


How'd October go for you? I hope you had at least one lovely moment to relish this month; if not, there's still one more day to do something wonderful for yourself. This has been a very dynamic month for me. Starting with a beautiful birthday and then getting blessed with the realization of a long-held dream. I loved this month and in today's post I'm sharing a few other amazing things I cherished and some hard choices that taught me valuable lessons.  


What I Loved this Month 


  1. Celebrating my 30th Birthday with loved ones 

  2. Hanging out with my nieces after nearly a year  

  3. Voting in my First Presidential Election #TeamEarlyVote 

  4. Biking on the Beach with my Mom 

  5. Sitting under the mango tree in my backyard 


What I Learned this Month 


  1. It's scary sharing your dreams with others but it's necessary to have companions on this journey 

  2. Nothing worth having comes easy 

  3. Just Keep Going 


Things I Loved this Month 



When They Call You a Terrorist 



Oloture on Netflix  



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