Hey Love, 


The world has been a strange place to live these past 12 months. Many of us have had to make adjustments in ways we never foresaw. We've all grown through the challenges of 2020, some of us experienced overwhelming heartaches, others experienced breathtaking miracles, much like any year. But 2020 wasn't like any year, certainly not for the majority of the world. A pandemic, racial crises, and political unrest all seem to have collided in a never-ending cycle of BREAKING NEWS that left many of us exhausted and seemingly less jarred by events that would've shocked us to our core a few years ago.  2020 has been a lot. However, if you've read some of my posts this year, you'd know that I refuse to call this year a terrible year. One of the biggest lessons I've learned in 2020 is that nothing is all bad nor all good. The pandemic won't end when the clock strikes midnight in a few days; neither will racial injustices or political corruption. I don't know what's waiting for the world and I in the new year, but I do believe a thorough examination of this year will beget a perspective to see life as a journey with conflicts, triumphs, and lulls.  So before the clock strikes I would like to share the lessons I've learned each month this year. 



Make plans for the new year...you never know how they'll pan out but you'll learn something. 



Take that trip, even if it's by yourself...you may not get another chance. 



Throw the party! It may be a bit cumbersome to plan, but it's for a few hours and gives a lifetime of memories.  



"What's the best that can happen?" Choose to think of the joy and goodness that can come in uncertainty instead of fear and dread.  



Thank God for technology. It's not all bad nor all good.  



Chronicle your journey, not just the happy moments, but the ones you wish to forget as well.  



Celebrate the miracles in the chaos. They're always there.  



Enjoy the sun. The vibrant trees. Soak in nature.  



Do it.  



Toast to yourself. You deserve it.  



Leap Faithfully. 



Reflect. How was 2020 for you? Not the public narrative, but your personal experience. Reflect on that.  


Love, I hope we choose to cultivate more love, joy, and peace in 2021. Cultivate the things you can control and trust God with the rest.  


Happy New Year!