Hey Love, 


I've been away longer than I intended or anticipated. But I'm back to my flow and routine after some major transitions that took place in November. With mere weeks reminding in this formidable year I want to take the opportunity to reflect on my November and share some things I'm excited about for the remainder of 2020.  


November Reflection 


So a few post back and of course in the NEWember post I shared the possibility of me moving. And I did it! Well, God did and it is wonderful. I've left the sunny beaches of Miami for the...actually I don't know what the DMV area is known for. Any who, I've now been living in this colder climate for about 3 weeks and adjusting fairly well. I'm excited to journal about my journey...there's been so many first! Can you believe I purchased rice for the FIRST time in my life! Yes, RICE, the grain. Being Haitian and living either with my mom or in close proximity, rice always just existed. In huge bags. So this is just 1 of the many first I've already experienced. There are much more deeper things, but that's for another post.  


A Merry December 


We're a week in this month and I've started my new job and learning to settle into this new flow. I'm trying to get back to my work morning routine and meal prepping. It hasn't been easy, but I'm learning I need to give myself time and be gentle with myself.  


What I'm looking forward to in December 


Sleeping Well 


The best thing I can do to ensure a good day is to sleep well and sleep on schedule. I believe sleep is one of the most powerful things we can do for my physical, mental, and spirit. Currently I work on-site everyday. This means waking up early to leisurely start my day and to enjoy my morning routines. 


Enjoy exploring 


One of my favorite pastimes is exploring. Just walking around and discovering new things or revisiting the familiar. Naturally in a new city everything and everyday is new. With work my time to venture is limited, but that's all the reason to be intentional on the weekends and evenings.  


Christmas and New Years 


There's just so much to be merry about and to celebrate this Christmas. If you've read my previous post you know that I've shared my hesitation to label this year in a negative light. It certainly had seemingly endless hurdles, but personally I believe that we all have something that brought us joy this year. There is at least one thing you accomplished and are proud of. Dwell on that and how you can cultivate that energy for the upcoming year.  


Let me know in the comments below a few things you're excited about this month.