Hey Love, 


It's been a very humid and hot week! But that didn't stop me from hitting a few downward dogs outside in the blazing heat! Isn't this what summer is for?! It's my first summer in DC and I'm soaking up all the sun I can and loving every minute of it. It's been a beautiful week of meeting amazing people and doing new things. The best things happen with good company. That's my motto and this week was a great one. Here's what brought a smile to my face this week: 


Yoga on the Mall and Yoga in the Garden 

My first and certainly not last yoga on the National Mall. We had a group session right next to the reflecting pool facing the Lincoln Memorial and let me just tell you, it was more amazing than I imagined it would be. It was supposed to be a gentle realignment yoga , but the sun had other plans and it turned to hot yoga, real quick! But that didn't stop me from going to another outdoor yoga session the next day. This time at a beautiful garden just north of Georgetown. Thankfully there was less sun and a lot more shade. Both experience were amazingly lovely!  


Farmer's Market and Picnic 

Met up with some wonderful ladies after yoga in a Meetup (those things are really hit/miss and this was a complete HIT). We vibed so well, you'd think we all knew each other for much longer! Spent a few hours at the farmers market and then enjoyed a picnic in an iconic park in DC. What I loved most was just the great and easy conversations.  


One Thing A Day 

DC is AMAZING! There's literally so much to do daily! I love that so much, it's kinda the reason I chose to move here. BUT it can be exhausting, y'all! What I have been loving is choosing just one thing a day. Quality over quantity. 


So cheers to this week and may the next be even better!!