Hi Love,  

It's the last month of summer, but I would be remiss if I did not share my thoughts and the lessons I've learned from experiencing my first official spring this year. The post is mighty delayed, but it won't be denied! I sincerely do not have the words to express what I experienced. I was completely taken by surprise by spring. If you're new here that may sound strange. I'm a Caribbean girl who has spent the last two decades in Miami. Though I've traveled, Spring is season that's best seen through the elapse of time. And Spring in Washington, DC was one for my books! Coming out of winter, I simply waited with bated breath for the leaves to sprout on the "bald" trees! I was not ready for anything else! I didn't even think of anything else! And then the flowers came! The came and they never stopped coming! And if there's one thing to know about me it's that I LOVE flowers!  


I remember that one morning on my way to work...it began. I had spotted buds a week or so before...but this morning on the trunk of these little thin trees bloomed a few cherry blossoms. My world was forever changed. Spring has undoubtedly been the best thing I've witnessed this year. It's simply a season that really makes you think about life and here are a few fundamental leassons I've learned: 


Timing is everything 

One of the greatest things that's happened to me this spring is the good fortune, complete blessing to witness blooms at their peak moments. As a native planner, this was entirely out of my control, but God! When we think about perfect timing we often think it's something that we have to control; but spring showed me that God ordains our steps. Unbeknownst to me until later, I saw the cherry blossoms at their peak on the best day possible this year! Those cherries last about a week, which was a complete shocker to me. God knows where we need to be and it's not until looking back do we realize the blessing.  


There is always more 

I saw the cherries at peak on a Saturday and when I went back to the Tidal Basin the following Tuesday, as in 3 days later, those cherries were already fading away! And I was sad because I thought that was all spring had to offer! Like I said, this was my first spring. But I soon discovered that the cherries were only the start to seeing blooms I never knew existed! This was such a powerful lesson for me to learn. I struggle to believe that there is more wonderful and beautiful things up ahead for me, especially when the most wonderful thing in front of me is beginning to fade. But God always has more for us.  


Live and Love the Present 

What is here today won't look the same tomorrow and won't be here in a week or so. Thankfully, most of life is not that fast moving. But nature, flowers, really are. I've learned to truly admire, observe, and love the present moment. The best part of living and loving the present is that there's a deep appreciation for it that we would otherwise miss. The present is a fleeting gift and to live it is such a blessing that nourishes our soul.  


Really Stop and Smell the Flowers 

The scent of wildflowers and roses is one that nurtures my soul on a deep level. I'm sure there's some science to it; and I've experience it each time I stop, appreciate, smell, and smile at each flower. And that ripples to all areas of our life.  


Be Still and See 

One of my favorite things to do is to sit still in a garden and just notice all that is going on. A lot of times we simply see a beautiful flower, possibly stop and smell it, maybe take a picture. All things I enjoy doing, but to stop and be still is a whole other level of experience. It's the only way to notice what is truly going on, to see miracles happen, and to reflect on what's going on at the ground level. Most of my biggest breakthrough moments have come from just being still and seeing what God is doing. It's continually lead me to the next step in life. 


Even now, at the tail-end of summer, I'm still learning so much from spring. Blooms are still blooming, just like you and I are. Spring has forever changed how I see the world and I'm beyond excited to experience more. My hope is to apply the lessons I've learned, there's so much blossoming ahead for me, ahead of you, and I'm so happy and excited for it all. Let me know if you've had any breakthrough moments this past spring, or now in summer.