Hi Love, 

Summer is fully on and this past week was so good for being outdoors and having a good time. I took full advantage of the perfect weather, and I do mean high 70s, low 80s with just the right wind conditions to stave off the humidity. I know not everyone is enjoying summer sunshine, like my mom who's been dealing with constant rain down in Miami. So I welcome you to live vicariously through me, for at least this week. That's why I love living fully in each season for what it is. Summer is so fast pace with long days that make you wanna do everything! But as I shared last week, I'm really about the quality over quantity. So here are a few things I loved over the past week: 


Live Concert and Comedy Show 

Went to my first amateur comedy show with a few friends at Hook Hall here in DC. The venue was great, but the comedians, not so much. But good vibes make everything an adventure. We also caught a local band performance the next night, danced the night away, lost my phone, searched the trash for the phone, only for it to be in a friends purse (yes we called it!), and nearly missed the last train home. It was a good couple nights.  


Making my own Granola Bars 

Listen, I'll just link the recipe here and if you like granolas or eat them here and there I think you'll love this crazy easy recipe that's less an 30mins! A friend and I, mostly she did it, tried it this week and I am hooked. It's such a good snack, especially if you have kids. It's an easy one to do together that they'll also enjoy eating.  



All of it! It's been a great summer thus far in the city. I've been loving how bright and beautiful nature is, the weather, so many arts and culture activities, meeting new people, and just having a good time. That's what I think summer is all about. Good vibes and energy. Long days, late sunsets, and good food too. I especially love going to the parks and garden and just being. Just being still and marveling at the beauty. This week I got to enjoy the National Garden for the first time in a few years, saw the National Arboretum in summer, and visited Kenliwood's lily ponds (crazy beautiful) for the first time. 


So cheers to a great past week, I hope this post had you thinking of some things you loved this past week. And another cheer for a beautiful upcoming week!