Seek peace and pursue it. • Psalms 34:14 

As I sat under the trees writing in my journal at the park I couldn’t help but take in all the wonder around me. Families playing, couples walking, and the occasional squirrel darting across the grass. All encased in a backdrop of a sunny afternoon. The sun was getting ready to set and my soul was captivated by the shear peace of it all. In the midst of a challenging week filled with personal, financial, and professional problems I made a choice to pursue peace.  

Last week was an especially difficult one for my family and I. The problems are still here as I write this post and as a new week begins. They haven’t gone away or been solved. In the midst of overwhelming concerns my heart is heavy. I’m calling on God for answers, for help, and I haven’t heard anything. At least not what I want to hear. I honestly just want to give up, but I know that’s just the lie of the enemy. Today’s struggles are rough. They hurt, sting, and can crush the soul. It feels like my life is imploding and I don’t have any solutions. But God does.  

My heart keeps reflecting on the life of David. David was on the run in pursuit of peace when he wrote Psalms 34. David’s so scared for his life that he runs right into enemy territory. He flees from King Saul who is bent on killing him right to King Achish who reigns over Gath a Philistine city-state. And the Philistines have not forgotten about David or the battle in the Valley of Elah. When he realizes this he pretends to be crazy. That was his solution. And it worked.  

David sought the Lord and God delivered him from his fears. In the midst of a storm when he was inundated with problems from all directions David chose to take refuge in God. In God’s dwelling places he tasted and saw that the Lord is good.  

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. • Psalms 34:8 

While I may not have a direct solution to my problems I know who does and He welcomes me to take refuge in His sanctuary. And that’s my solution. It seems crazy. I feel like I should be doing, acting, moving. But He says just come to Him.  And as I sat under the trees gazing at all His goodness I realized that's exactly what I was doing, pursing His transcending peace. And today I am assured that He’s encamped around me and will deliver me from my fears.  

Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together. • Psalms 34:3