Hello Love, 

Here we are again, the beginning. Take a deep slow breath and slowly release it. It's April. The unofficial start of spring season. Blooms blossoming all over the earth. It feels different this season, as it should. This should be a month of leisurely walks outdoors among flowers and bees. But our life has forever shifted. Most of us are quarantined for indefinite future. Like the new blooms that were once unseen, underground germinating, so it the state of our lives. This quarantine season will come to a close, we will return outdoors, and life will resume. This month I'm actively choosing to apply nature's teachings. I'm using this month to germinate; to dwell, abide, and rest in my creative pursuits. This is a time to cultivate my creativity in meaningful ways, so when the "spring" season arrives, my blooms can blossom.  

Here's what I'm cultivating 


Love in the Void-Simone Weil 
A short read. Weil delves into matters of love, faith and radical reflection thorough a series of essays. I'm hoping I can read this within a week and get some reading momentum going.  

Cultivate-Lara Casey 
This book's been on my shelf since its release in 2017. Now feels like a good time to open it and take in Casey's teaching about cultivating a flourishing creative life. Lara is an ultimate creative, she's been editor and chief, runs a successful company, and manages her mom role. She's got a lot to teach.  


No release date yet, but I'm hoping Netflix drops this ASAP because my friends and I have been anticipating this movie since we saw a trailer months ago. It looks so good and I pray it delivers.  


Hood Feminism-Mikki Kendal 
Read by Mikki who discusses her personal history as a Black woman in America and the disconnect she encounters with feminism. Feminism as we widely know it is more of a white women platform, rarely inclusive of women of color. Mikki expounds on the need for an fundamental change that sees not just white women, but all women.  


Gallery Wall 
This will be the month! I've been meaning to get this done since last year, got the supplies since January, and now have quarantine time to get it done!  

Last time I embroidered was during Hurricane Irma. So I suppose it's something I only do during chaos. Hopefully I can complete 1 project, maybe even add it to my gallery wall.  


Getting Dressed for Easter
Like most, I've been streaming church services online. Lord, thank you for this possibility. Easter is just over 2 weeks away and I will be dressing in my Sunday's best for the day while watching online. 

Daily meditation and yoga 
This I've been great at since being quarantine. It's a good way to get my day productively started. I use the app Inscape for meditations and YouTube morning stretch yoga sessions. Highly recommend.  


Father God, I pray for peace, protection, and healing. I pray we will see the end of this coronavirus in April. God, guard us in our comings and goings. Guard our first responders and help our leaders. May we dedicate this month to spending time with you. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.