Hey Love,  

Happy Easter. I hope this beautiful Sunday is bringing you joy. This may be my first Easter post on the blog. I’ve also now decided to make my monthly devotional post weekly. So each Sunday I’ll have a short devotion here on the blog. I really enjoy reading devotions from books and blog so it feels natural and timely to add this on a regular basis. Easter is the perfect day to start.  

This Easter of course is quite different from any other most of us have experienced. This is a day when churches  are overflowing with visitors. Some make the pilgrimage to church only on this single day of the year. So it’s quite jarring to be at home. Today I have a few members of my family, ones I’ve interacted with during this pandemic, at home with me. Like many, maybe millions of others, we’re watching Easter service from the safety of our homes. This realization brings pause.  

I think back to the last church service I attended before the quarantine; before we knew what was to come. It was a 5pm service and during the announcements the pastor mentioned that they would be adding 3 additional services just for Easter for a total of 10 services. That was just about a month ago, but it seems much longer.  

Fortunately church is still going. The Word is alive and breathing. Just as our resurrected King is. Times are changing; as they always do. What remains the same and brings me comfort in this pandemic is that Jesus Christ rose and he’s the same. Faithful and True. This is the message on my soul. I hope today ushers in peace for you.  

Happy Easter.