Hey Love,  

Hope today is treating you well. Today marks Day 21, three weeks, of my self-quarantine here in Miami. I've been much more balanced and productive this past week than the previous two weeks. I have to admit, I initially did not understand the scope of the virus and did not expect to be quarantined, much less for potentially multiple months. My approach in the beginning was to take it day by day on standby awaiting to be called back to work in a week or so. I now know I'll be at home working through April and potentially the start of May. With that knowledge, I decided to curate a bit of structure into my days, to set a scheduled. Working from home can be haphazard, depending on the nature of the work. For me it's weekly Zoom meetings and endless emails to follow-up with. Then there's my personal creative pursuits, such as this blog, that I want to invest my time into. And of course, making time to just be without any agenda. I hope this schedule inspires your own; my chief purpose in sharing it is to inspire and to be more accountable 

I use an app called Sunshine to help me keep track and order of my time. I like systems so creating one that is flexible and easily modifiable. My days are organized not by the hour, but by the parts of the day. I'm usually up by 8am and have most of my morning items done by noon.  

Wake Up 

Morning Yoga 
Bible App Study 
Morning Walk 

Journal Prayer 
Work Emails 
Creative Pursuits 
Lynda Class 
Bible Study 

Before Sleep  

This schedule works well for me in this moment; but life is always adding and I'm never in full control. I don’t always get to everything, especially with my afternoon items. What matters most to me is being as consistent as the day allows, mainly in the morning. Most days I do well as long as I try my best. I hope this inspires your own quarantine schedule. Thanks for reading and stay safe.