Hey Love, 


One of the things I wrote in my manifesto for the month of August was to "curate trust in God". I wrote those words not fully understanding what that meant. Truthfully, I still don't fully grasp that phrase, but I've come to recognize that curating is an ongoing process. When I wrote those words down, it came more from my sub-conscious, my spirit, than my conscious awareness of what they meant. I read and prayed over those words every day in August and I've gleaned a novice interpretation of what it means to curate trust in God. In this post I share 4 ways I'm consciously curating trust in God. 


Before we go any further, what does it mean to curate? A Google search defines curate as a verb meaning to select, organize, and look after an item. The term is largely associated with museums and art collections. A museum typically has a Curator, an individual who is responsible for selecting, organizing, and looking after the art collection. It's a word that I've always loved and enjoy having in my vernacular. So it's no surprise that'd it would make an appearance in my manifesto. So here’s how I've been curating trust in God over the past month:  


Develop a Prayer Ritual 


As I shared in my morning routine post, the first thing I do before getting out of bed is to say a short prayer. I simply pray for a good day for me and my loved ones. I find that this conscious act just as I'm waking up sets my mind on God and His goodness.  


Ruminate on God's Word 


Reading my Bible, more likely, a short devotion everyday is another simple way I deliberately curate trust. God speaks to us in all possible ways and I often find reoccurring messages when I'm reading His Word or about His Word. Reading the Bible for myself and praying over it allows me to seek the truth without others interpretation. Whether it's the Bible app, or a daily devotion; I seek His Word throughout the day to keep me going and believing.  


Listen to God's Truth  


I love starting my week with a sermon and my day with worship music. Now more than ever in the midst of so much uncertainty and polarization across the globe. Faith is essential as an anchor against the onslaught of so much atrocities. Before I step out for the day or begin my week I like to put on my "armor of God" to strength me for what's ahead.  


Document God's Grace 


I'm an avid journalist. I've kept a journal for the past decade and have been more consistent with it the past three years. This habit, aside from reading my Bible, has been the chief way I've curated trust in God. Trust is an ongoing process that is build overtime. Recording my journey and the grace and miracles I've witnessed and have been blessed with has made it possible to collect and exhibit, as a Curator would, God's goodness. With this collection I am able to trust God with the unknown and walk in dark valleys knowing that the Light in within me.  


Curating trust with anyone is a lifelong process. Curating trust with God is a lifelong process. It's continuous, daily, and intentional. It starts with prayer and making space for God to direct us where we need to go; and in going there trust is built. I hope you'll take a moment to reflect on how you trust God and how to curate it: make it deliberate.